Project Management

With The Help of Our P.M. Team, We Can Get You Across the Finish Line

TSP’s project management services are designed to create a consistent roadmap for project successes throughout the organization and drive every project to completion quickly and effectively. TSP P.M. services are designed to help you apply the right amount of structure and flexibility for your organization by establishing standards, providing governance, enforcing accountability, improving communication and applying discipline to help ensure predictable repeatable successes.

Project Initiation: Together, we define key contractual terms, set general expectations and define a roadmap for implementation.

Project Management: A TSP Project Manager works closely with your staff to coordinate key aspects of the project. This includes resource planning and allocation, task scheduling and coordination, progress reporting, project review and assessment.

Business Process Design: We analyze your systems and processes, identify gaps between your processes and functional needs, and define the project requirements. The requirements are turned over to you for review and approval.

Configuration and Custom Build: We develop setup and/or configure the solution for you as per the requirements of the project. Custom work often includes the creation of interfaces to facilitate the transfer of data to and from internal or external systems thereby increasing data integrity and reducing duplication of data entry.

Testing: TSP works with you to create predefined use cases. We conduct unit, object, and full business cycle testing. We then deliver the system to you for user acceptance testing.

Implementation and Project Wrap-Up: When you have completed the testing and approved the system, TSP works with you on the implementation schedule, training, and system documentation details. If needed, we can help convert and migrate data from your legacy systems to the new solution.


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