Full 360° Visibility

Hedging Analytics, Sales Metrics, Operational Efficiencies, Accounting Controls and More!

The competitive and regulatory nature of today’s mortgage lending climate requires lenders to look for efficiencies across the entire organization and for all loan-life-cycle processes. Leveraging data assets is the key to formulating strategies to generate new and repeat business, drive operational efficiencies, ensure regulatory compliance, monitor loan performance, and improve margins. To that end, TSP’s business intelligence services provides its clients with real or near-time visibility into all necessary aspects of origination, portfolio acquisition, capital markets, and lending operations in general.


TSP Consulting can help lenders reach their full potential by designing, developing and deploying:

    • A central data warehouse to consolidate disparate data sources
    • A secure and robust analytics delivery portal
    • Top-down reporting mechanism with drill-down abilities to assist with strategic decisions
    • Bottom-up reporting to assist with resource management decisions and budgeting
    • Customized performance dashboards for each functional area to rally everyone towards the attainment of overall company objectives


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