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TSP Offers Implementation, Administration, Development, and Support Services

TSP Assessment Services
TSP’s LOS Assessment is designed to help lending organizations understand “what they don’t know” and formulate a technology roadmap that focuses on identifying improvements that are aimed at helping our clients realize efficiencies by helping them make better use of the LOS. Recommendations will certainly include enhancements that can be made to the LOS and often also include possible process changes and the need for end-user training.

TSP Transformation Services
Based in great part on the recommendations made during the Assessment Phase, TSP’s Transformation Services involve the design, development, and deployment of solutions. Activities include systems configuration changes, deep-dive analysis, troubleshooting, remediation, testing, coordinating launches, and offering end-user training. The standard approach is often to stabilize the system first by providing relief for the most common recurring problems and then work on systems changes that will likely yield the greatest amount of benefit relative to the required effort.

TSP Support Services
TSP’s Support Services are designed to address the lender’s ongoing LOS needs where activities may include, adding products, updating pricing and eligibility rules, fixing newly discovered problems, answering end-user questions, performing routine systems cleanup and maintenance, as well as providing support for minor LOS upgrades.

Beyond Support – Additional Services
Certain projects may require a greater effort or a different approach. Examples of such projects include adding new lending channels, developing custom integrations with external services, creating a data warehouse for reporting purposes, and to act as a single system of record across multiple lending systems, preparing for major LOS upgrades and even changing Loan Origination Systems entirely. Please contact your TSP representative for more information about these services.


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