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We are a values-based firm and we cherish the strong and diverse relationships we have developed with our employees, partners, suppliers and clients. It’s these longstanding relationships that define who we are and our reason for being.

Meet our management team

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Tim Pasquale

Tim Pasquale

Tim founded TSP in 1999 to address what he was seeing in the mortgage tech arena. LOS implementations were failing despite best intentions and million-dollar budgets. A Black Belt in Six Sigma methodology for Process Improvement by GE, he understands that the relationship between business process and technology is critical to producing effective and efficient business solutions. Tim is highly proficient in a multitude of programming languages on different platforms including .NET, Object Oriented Client/Server. He has extensive expertise on databases including SQL Server and Oracle. A 1990 Villanova University graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Tim has earned his reputation through passion and dedication to high performance. While not at work, Tim enjoys spending time with friends and family, following sports and appreciates fine wines.
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Steve Rosso

Steve Rosso


Steve joined TSP Consulting in 2010 and as CIO, he oversees TSP systems infrastructure, security, and operations. Steve also plays a key role in strategic planning, partner relationships, and is largely responsible for TSP’s administrative, legal and compliance needs. Steve is passionate about delivering solutions that make a real difference to users and impact his clients’ bottom line. Before landing at TSP, Steve worked as an executive level Technologist in highly process driven service environments. He has been involved in systems design, technology service delivery and process engineering for over 30 years. Steve loves spending time with family and friends and enjoys riding his motorcycle, surfing, snowboarding, and hiking. Steve has a BA in Economics from McGill University, Montreal, Canada as well as other pertinent certifications.

Melissa Powell

Melissa Powell

SVP Business Development

Melissa joined TSP Consulting in 2017 with more than 15 years of experience in the Mortgage Technology and the Fin Tech industry in general. She has extensive experience leading client services initiatives, fostering client relationships, managing client projects and providing thought leadership within the internal executive teams as well as with her clients. This unique mix along with her organizational skills are brought forth when Melissa works with her clients and coworkers to ensure all parties are on the road to success. Melissa has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Colorado. Outside of work Melissa enjoys spending time with her family. Coaching swimming, and boating.

Cory Hubbert

Cory Hubbert

SVP Development

Cory started with TSP Consulting in 2013 as a senior developer and shortly thereafter was promoted to Development Manager. In January 2017, he was promoted to his current position as Senior Vice President of Development & Systems Architecture. Prior to joining TSP Consulting, Cory was a Principal and CTO at a mortgage company for seven years and a partner in a title and settlement services company. Not only is Cory a veteran full stack .NET developer with a tremendous understanding of the mortgage industry but he is also a proven leader that understands how to deliver exceptional cost-effective technology solutions. Cory majored in English while earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Colorado State University. Cory’s interests outside of work include spending time with family and friends, riding motorcycles, making music, and surfing.

Bobbi Rochford

Bobbi Rochford

SVP Systems Configuration Management

When Bobbi joined TSP Consulting in 2021, she brought with her 30 years of diverse mortgage industry experience and thought leadership acquired while working at start-ups and well-established lending firms. Bobbi’s notable achievements include LOS systems design, process engineering, and overseeing operations for large volume Correspondent lending channels. Bobbi’s extensive mortgage experience allows her to quickly identify opportunities to improve lending systems where the focus is to realize efficiencies, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance end-user experience. When away from work, Bobbi enjoys spending time with her three sons, relaxing with a good book, and spending time at the beach.

Our Core Values

The following are the values that drive every aspect of what we do. They guide us as individuals while at work and we hope they extend to every aspect of life beyond. Our core values are the essence of how we measure ourselves and who we are.


We apply the principles of integrity in everything we do. We seek to earn trust and are sincere with others. We recognize that how we conduct ourselves is just as important as reaching the goal.


We exercise humility and mindfulness which means being open and considerate. We encourage others to speak and welcome their opinions. We are eager to learn and improve. We are willing to consider new ideas as if these are our own.


We accept that we are all different and view this as a strength. We understand that diversity enhances our ability to perceive the world around us which allows us to make better decisions and execute our plans more effectively. We enthusiastically appreciate that diversity is critical to our success.


We carry out our work to the best of our abilities.  We step up when we can to help those around us. We work together towards the common goal, exceeding expectations everywhere we go.


Each member of our team is personally accountable for executing successfully upon their commitments.


We invest ourselves to building and maintaining meaningful long-term relationships. We apply ourselves towards making the world a better place for all involved which of course includes the delivery of unsurpassed service and value to our customers.

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