Data Architecture

Establishing a sound underlying data architecture is crucial.

At TSP Consulting, we take a holistic approach when designing data architecture.

Our data architecture services offer:

  • SOC Controls on Data Integrity. Internal operations, accounting and third-party audits all require accurate and consistent data at all times.
  • Standardized data for all reporting. An effective data warehouse design de-normalizes the data and simplifies Report Design and Development.
  • Data Translation. Pulling in data from disparate systems requires the data to be translated to fit a uniform reporting schema.
  • Eliminate Reporting Blackouts. A sound data architecture design optimizes data refreshes and eliminates reporting blackouts.
  • Minimize performance impacts on production systems. A sound data architecture minimizes performance impacts that often occur during data refreshes and running large report queries.
  • SQL Log Shipping. We have a proven track record implementing effective SQL log shipping strategies and have developed best practices that address many of the common pitfalls.
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Being able to react to changing data formats from upstream systems is key to any reporting platform. SSIS is a fast and flexible data warehousing tool used for data extractions, data imports, data transformation, and data loading (ETL).
  • Web Service Data. Data exchanges can take many forms and Web Services are often a very effective way at transferring data between systems


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