Business Intelligence

Does this sound like your company?

  • Reports do not agree
  • Reports are run inconsistently
  • Data gathering is difficult and cumbersome
  • Reports are difficult to read
  • Reports are too granular and do not offer a big picture view
  • Reports only offer a big picture view but do not help isolate the issues
  • IT departments cannot keep up with Ad-Hoc report requests
  • Operational efforts are not in line with overall company objectives

To pull ahead of the pack in today’s highly competitive markets, companies need a sound and comprehensive Business Intelligence System. TSP Consulting can help your company reach its full potential by designing, developing and deploying:

  • A central data warehouse to consolidate disparate data sources
  • A secure and robust analytics delivery portal
  • Top-down reporting mechanism with drill-down abilities to assist with strategic decisions
  • Bottom-up reporting to assist with resource management decisions and budgeting
  • Customized performance dashboards for each functional area to rally everyone towards the attainment of overall company objectives

Our solutions help companies:

  • Increase sales by identifying market opportunities
  • Improve customer experience by identifying delivery bottlenecks
  • Reduce expenses by optimizing supply chain operations
  • Facilitate ROI analyses
  • Identify budget drivers and corporate KPIs
  • Identify needed organizational changes
  • Design capability and knowledge transfer programs
  • Evaluate and recommend application outsourcing options

























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