Product and Pricing Manager – PPM

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Get unprecedented control and access to your rates and eligibility engine that was never possible until now.

Highlights include:

  • Gives reliable, secure and configurable access to your rates and pricing engine
  • Rates are managed in EPPS just as they are now
  • When rates are changed, rate feeds and pricing are updated to reflect changes automatically
  • Create rate feeds for integration into lead generation systems or consumer facing sites
  • Supports token-based authentication

We’ve built this product with future proofing in mind to ensure a reliable solution for years to come. This widget will always pull data from the latest Encompass® API’s.

Create scenario specific pricing requests and filter rates based on your target pricing.

Complete Customization

Easily configure your products with your own consumer friendly display name and product description.

Display the products and rates that meet your company’s needs on your Consumer Connect site. Create custom rate feeds for consumer facing displays or integrate into existing rate/lead advertiser campaigns. 

When rates are changed in EPPS, rate feeds and pricing are updated to reflect changes automatically.

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